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31. Juli 2017, Martin Lachkovics

Polarion Tipps&Tricks - Polarion 17.1


Das Polarion Service Release 17.1 ist verfügbar!

Die Neuerungen sind:

  • Resource Traceability for Clusters
  • Render Linked Resource API
    • Get all Work Items in a project that contain Linked Resources
    • Get a list of Linked Resources for a group of Work Items
    • Get a list of Linked Resources by Work Item IDs
  • Easy Querying for Items Having Linked Resources
  • Export Control
    • Watermarks for pdf and more high level controls
  • Attachment Previews
  • Import Wizard for IBM DOORS
  • Performance and Scalability Improvements
    • Improved concurrency of login in cluster
    • Parallel creation of Activities and Notifications
    • On-demand loading of derived linked revisions
    • Faster save of Document when creating many new Work Items
    • Faster startup of Polarion
  • Enhancements
    • WYSIWYG overwriting Work Items in Document Editor
    • New Agile Software Project template
    • Manage restrictions from Variants projects
    • Authentication fail-over for Kerberos single sign-on
    • Use thumbnail provided by ReqIF
    • Cluster load balancing for web services
    • Trigger thread dump from administration
    • In-house building of bundled software components
    • Curator library updated

Polarion Blog - Polarion ALM 17.1

Die kostenlose Testversion finden Sie hier:

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