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17. Jänner 2018, Martin Lachkovics

Polarion Tipps&Tricks - Polarion 17.1


Das Polarion Service Release 17.3 ist verfügbar!

Die Neuerungen sind:

  • Kanban - The Kanban Board widget now supports non-iterative agile methods
    • Kanban Board widget
    • User level configuration on the Work Item Properties sidebar
    • Work Item Properties Sidebar API
  • ReqIF  - OLE objects as referenced attachments.
    • Improved the handling of OLE objects imported into rich-text fields
  • Variants Management - Propagation can now be determined by feature restrictions
    • Propagation determined by feature restrictions
  • Improved usability of attachments handling
    • Split a Work Item
    • Unmark Work Item
  • Performance Improvements - Optimised performance and scalability
    • Configuration of SVNPathAuthz short_circuit is used in polarionSVN.conf by default
    • Improved the Work Items table's performance in Internet Explorer
    • Faster license operations in a cluster
    • Fixed a potential out-of-memory error when numerous Work Items were modified in a single commit
    • Enhanced logging with the amount of memory allocated by a thread
    • Removed object-based enumerations from ENUM_OPTIONS database table
    • Faster loading of enumeration options for widgets
  • Additional Enhancements
    • New API method to automatically create a defect when a failed test result is imported
    • Updated Apache and Subversion bundled in Windows installer
    • Dedicated guide for Single Sign-on configuration
    • The Search field for the drop-down list editor is now always visible

Polarion Blog - Polarion ALM 17.3

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