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31. März 2018, Martin Lachkovics

Polarion Tipps&Tricks - Polarion 18


Polarion 18 ist verfügbar!

As with every major release, it includes all the capabilities that were previously released during the year through the  (17.1, 17.2, 17.3) service releases.

They include:

  • Drag&Drop on the SCRUM and Kanban Boards (17.2, 17.3),
  • Enterprise deployment boosts:
    • ITAR configurability (17.1),
    • Support for SAML authentication (17.1),
    • Variant restriction propagation (17.3),
    • Advanced requirement reuse options (17.2),
    • Attachment previews (17.1, 17.2),

Polarion 18 also includes additional capabilities finalized since 17.3 and described in more detail in the blog. Here are a few highlights:

  •  Merge table cells in the rich text formatting editor,
  •  A new Test Execution View,
  •  The memory allocation of the Polarion Application Server was heavily optimized.

Polarion Blog - Polarion ALM 18

Die kostenlose Testversion finden Sie hier:

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