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18. Oktober 2018, Martin Lachkovics

Polarion Tipps&Tricks - Polarion 18.2


Polarion 18.2 ist verfügbar!

The new version of Polarion is available  -  Polarion ALM version 18.2 (Service Release 2).

What is new:

  • Hierarchical Spaces for Documents & Pages- Create Sub-spaces for LiveDocs, Live Reports, and Classic Wiki Pages. (18.1)
  • Synchronization with DOORS - Bi-directional synchronization of Modules with DOORS. (18.1)
  • Improvements in New Test Execution View- Vertical layout, the reuse of recent results, and more. (18.1)
  • Cross-references in LiveDocs - Links to Work Items can scroll within the document.
  • Electronic signatures for Work Item - Aligned signatures implementation with the LiveDocs.
  • Rich-text synchronization with Jira - Improved the synchronization of rich-text content.
  • Active Load Balancing - A cluster re-balances users among the nodes.
  • Termination of too long transactions - Prevent the overloading of the Polarion server by terminating reports that are running too long.

Polarion Blog - Polarion ALM 18.2

Die kostenlose Testversion finden Sie hier:

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