Business Analysis and Business Value

Sounds familiar?

Will this endeavor benefit our business?

I guess so.

How exactly?

We’ll see …

So how do we get there?

Let’s decide along the way.

A good beginning makes a good ending

Running your business creatively is more important than ever. But very often creativity also entails extensive trial and error cycles. In a world of rising economic and legal risk you shouldn’t act just on ideas and gut feeling alone.

Business analysis gets your creativity on track and sets the switches so your ideas come to life at the speed markets demand rather than die out along the way.

Walk this way

Business analysis takes a systematic look at targets and requirements of internal and external stakeholders taking into account technical, legal, or other demands. In close cooperation with business process management and requirements engineering we design maximum leverage for your available resources. The resulting concept is based on solid scientific facts and will empower you or the responsible management to make educated decisions and lead your project to success.

The covalgo factor

Our work is deeply rooted in BABOK 3.0®. However it often takes interpretation and debate to truly enliven sets of rules — and that’s exactly what we do. We put your benefit above the given how-tos and take on a quest for new horizons while never leaving the safe terrain of tried and tested methods.

This approach is a central pillar of covalgo’s consulting style. Early onboarding of stakeholders and unswerving compliance in implementation lead to excellent acceptance with everybody involved. Have everybody push in the same direction and success will follow.

The covalgo toolkit

  • Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Business Analyses
  • Tool Evaluation
  • Business Analysis, Business Process Management, and Requirements Engineering Consulting
  • Implementation of Business Analysis Processes in Siemens Polarion®
  • Business Analysis Training and Coaching