The trio of success

If a company is to be managed successfully, these three fields of action Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) must be taken into account.

Governance provides the general strategic direction in the form of guidelines, methods and processes. Methods and processes.

Risk Management identifies risks, analyzes them and provides strategies to avoid or mitigate these risks.

Compliance stands for adherence to all requirements. These can be internal or external, technical, legal or strategic in nature.

The interplay of these three areas ensures efficiency and effectiveness on the one hand, but also contributes to social responsibility and thus the image of the company on the other.

The covalgo factor

We tailor the solution optimally to your company, while of course complying with laws, norms and recognized standards.

We create structures and rules with consideration for the social aspects of your employees and the culture of your company.

We consistently implement the idea of risk-based corporate management with the appropriate tools and methods, thus creating long-term added value.

The covalgo toolkit

  • Derivation of compliance requirements from business objectives
  • Selection of tools for compliance organizations
  • Establishment of compliance organizations – change management included
  • Establishment of ICS (Internal Control System)
  • Coaching of compliance officers
  • Establishment of risk management according to ISO 31000 (Enterprise Risk Management)
  • Implementation of operational risk management for programs and projects
  • Implementation of compliance management