Projects and processes

The goal is clear, the path sometimes not so much. Despite high motivation, collaboration is not efficient, resources fall through the cracks. This costs money – and in the worst case, even customers.

No matter whether it is about the implementation of internal projects or the management of customer projects – only well-defined processes ensure that "things flow".

The covalgo factor

Value creation, customer satisfaction, image. You have goals that you want to achieve. We help you achieve these goals with the help of processes by looking at them from the customer's perspective. From this perspective and your resources, we create the ideal concept for processes, responsibilities, and collaboration models. We call this "end-to-end consideration".

We use the German edition of the BPM CBOK® V3.0 as a solid technical foundation. Similar to our business analysis approach, we look for new perspectives on this basis without losing our technical grounding.

The covalgo toolkit

  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Process modeling
  • Process analysis
  • Process design
  • Process performance measurement
  • Process implementation and rollout
  • Process management organization
  • Enterprise process management