Secure Collaboration with Polarion®

Get everybody on the same page

Polarion® enables distributed teams to work on singular shared assets with a granular permission system and customizable data views, all in a secure environment.

Guesswork - guess = work

If you have ever tried to work with Office documents in distributed teams, you are probably all too familiar with the nightmare of having dozens of duplicate files floating around in dozens of inboxes, leaving your teams guessing which version of a document is actually the most current.

Polarion® provides a single source of truth for each and every asset. No more guessing — just working.

Now you see it, now you don’t

Not everyone involved in the cycle should have access to everything. Internal stakeholders will likely be more productive when only presented with information that is relevant to their role, while customers or other external stakeholders will typically have limited access to information.

Polarion® features a deeply granular permission system so you can control precisely who gets to see what. Highly customizable data views make it easy to present each individual user the data they need.

Possible use cases

  • Business analysts writing requirements
  • Functional safety managers ensuring safety compliance
  • Software leads designing and managing development
  • Testers and test managers running verification and validation
  • Top management making strategic decisions based on the relevant reports

And, of course, you can control who can change what and when.

Get mobile computing to work

Computing today is a 24/7, everywhere affair. But limited feature sets in mobile apps, compatibility issues and an ever-growing number of communication channels often diminish the advantages of ubiquitous computing. This is especially true for editing complex documents and spreadsheets in traditional office apps.

Polarion® is 100% web-based and available on virtually any platform. Flexible workflow automation eliminates the need to manually push information or notify stakeholders. This means that everyone can view or edit data right off the bat and wherever they may be.

But is it actually secure?

Of course, secure collaboration also needs to be secure from a technical standpoint.

Polarion® features robust data security to bring peace of mind to system administrators, legal advisors and management alike.

“It feels like Polarion QA makes collaboration about 10 billion times easier.”

Milan Vondra, Director of Quality Assurance, NetSuite, Inc