Automate compliance

Put requirements on autopilot

Let’s say you have everything neatly set up. Requirements have diligently been crafted, and the development team knows where to find things and securely share them for collaboration. Everybody’s quite literally on the same page.

They are, that is, until they need to document compliance with the requirements. Some put their notes into text documents, some announce successful compliance in communication threads, and some just silently comply without documenting it at all.

With Polarion® you can turn this loose collection of bits and pieces into a robust workflow. Make every step in the process dependent on actions such as necessary approvals before your team can move on. Take the guesswork out of where and how to file things.

Polarion® provides templates for various norms and best practices, including CMMI, FMAE, FAA, FDA, IEC, ISO, SPICE and many more.

Breeze through audits

Failing an audit is never fun. At best it’s time-consuming, and it can even jeopardize the entire product release.

Failing to produce the documents that prove compliance can happen for various — often mundane — reasons. Maybe the colleague who authored the document is no longer with the company. Or it was filed in the wrong place and slipped through the cracks of your search index. Or, even worse, it was deleted, accidentally or not.

The Polarion® workflow engine not only ties steps and dependencies into a logical order — thanks to end-to-end traceability, you can look into the status of a workflow at any given point in its lifespan. It’s just like traveling in time — and it will make your auditor smile.

A simple workflow in real life

Charlie receives a new soda bottle design. He drafts up the requirements based on the specs supplied by the bottling plant, logistics and legal.

Dorothy tests the bottle prototype and one of the requirements fails. Charlie automatically gets notified by the Polarion® workflow to allow him to adjust the requirements and request a design rework if necessary.

Only if all requirements make it past Dorothy’s eagle eye can the design be signed off for production by Alice.

Every step is automatically time-stamped by Polarion® so you can follow the trail at any time. Who, when, what, why = instant auditor joy.

Polarion® ALM requirements management was significantly more affordable than the competing solution. And it was simple to purchase: one single solution that covers everything. No costly integration of several different products.”

Christian Posluschni, Team Leader, Development Electronics/Software Development