ALM with Polarion®

Are you frustrated with development cycles?

Let’s face it: Innovation has accelerated at breakneck speed across industries. Rolling out first with consistent quality has become the key advantage over competitors.

Ubicomp (ubiquitous computing) and increasingly fast release cycles have spawned new challenges for lifecycle management and quality assurance. Because these issues can’t be managed with disrupted tool chains, the result is a cluster of knowledge silos with limited accessibility (or even none at all) for everyone involved.

Silo structure

Break the silos with Polarion®

Polarion® presents a unified approach to application lifecycle management that bridges the gaps with secure real-time collaboration, role-based transparency and deep traceability of every decision and change made along the way.

  • Issue and Risk Management
  • Audits, Metrics and Reports
  • Requirements Management
  • Test and Quality Management
  • Change and Configuration Management
  • High Security Application
  • Agile Collaboration
  • Variant Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Resource Management
  • Build and Release Management
  • Compliance Auditability