Client Support

Polarion® has been around for a while and is now part of Siemens Software. This ensures both world-class support and a broad base of experienced users, developers, trainers and consultants.

Need training or consulting?

Covalgo is one of Europe’s most experienced Polarion® integrators. From an extensive analysis of your u, handover and training, we guide you through the entire process.

Let’s talk ALM!

Contact our lead specialist Martin Lachkovics for a chat about next-level ALM for your business.
No strings attached.

+43 664 8867 9998

Need help with Polarion®?

Visit the Polarion® support pages for access to tutorials, guides, manuals and software downloads.

If you’re already a registered user go straight to the Siemens Software Support Center.

Visit the Siemens Software Youtube channel for instructions on how to use the Siemens Software Support Center.

“Congratulations to Polarion® for an excellent tool interface and fantastic technical support. I implemented the interworking between Polarion® ALM and VectorCAST and was impressed by the functionality provided by the web services. Many thanks to your staff members: always friendly, responsive and competent.”

Ingo Nickles, Vector Software