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At covalgo we take pride in our experience and knowledge – and we want to share it. Augmenting our consulting concepts with trainings or workshops truly brings them to life.


covalgo trainings bear upon all our fields of consulting and convey hands on experience from real life assignments.

Methods include lectures, group discussions and team assignments to elaborate on the topics.

We also offer a variety of seminars on behalf of the Austrian Association for Organization and Management (ÖVO) teaching the standard bodies of knowledge for business analysis, process management and organization.


Many of our seminars can also be conducted as workshops, that not only teach the fundamentals but also help develop implementation strategies for the participants’ company or department. Successful workshops drive employee engagement in organizational topics and are a valuable tool for leadership.

Coming up

Currently there are no scheduled trainings. If you’re interested in a workshop for your team, please get in touch with:

Gerd Nanz
+43 664 1693747