Reuse artefacts

Stop duplicating duplicating duplicating

Statistics show that projects rarely start from a blank canvas. Instead, 60-80% of the requirements, code, testing and other project artefacts are shared between projects.

These shared assets are usually just duplicated, resulting in various unassociated derivatives that are impossible to track. Trying to manually sync those derivatives is tedious and often leads to errors — which is why it often doesn’t happen. This also means that a lot of valuable knowledge ends up falling through the cracks.

Polarion® lets you reuse, repurpose and jointly develop centralized project artefacts over time. In turn, different development cycles and products mutually benefit from the collective learning.

From A to B without duplication

Two years ago Bob designed a bottle that has been successful on the market ever since.

Today he designs a derivative of the bottle, changing its shape, labeling and closure while retaining the same measurements for compatibility. He hands the design over to Charlie to draft the technical requirements.

Instead of starting from scratch or just duplicating the other bottle’s requirements, Charlie reuses part of the base requirements residing in Alice’s library and simply adds the requirements of the new design.

If for whatever reason the base requirements change in the future, Charlie is automatically notified and can review possible conflicts with his amendments to the base spec — like a genie in a bottle.

Productivity through process integration

The US Federal Aviation Administration reduced the time for creating new requirements up to 50% because of the reuse of artefacts. They reached a higher DO-278 level because of the traceability of source code changes to the respective requirements.