Polarion: Polarion ALM 2310 ist verfügbar

Das neue Polarion ALM 2310 ist verfügbar und steht zum Update/Download bereit. Eine Zusammenfassung der neuen Highlights gibt es hier – Polarion Blog von Siemens

Neuerungen sind:

  • Hierarchical Space Permissions
    • Elevate your control over Space access and handpick teams that can view and edit their content.
  • Bulk Branching
    • Branch multiple documents in one swift action, streamlining your reuse workflow with precision and convenience.
  • Collaboration on Pages
    • Engage in dynamic feedback on Pages through comments and stay in the loop as a Watcher when Pages evolve.
  • Interactive Diagrams
    • Seamlessly link diagram elements to Polarion objects and navigate to them from diagrams.
  • Streamlined Variant Management for 100% Specifications
  • Optimized Test Step Configuration
  • Streamlined Data Access with PostgreSQL
  • Enhanced Authentication Flexibility
  • Cloud Solution Enhancements for Polarion X
  • Tailored Solutions for Industry Challenges
    • Aligns with the newly released ISO-21434 standard, which emphasizes Cybersecurity in Automotive,
    • and ISO-26262, which focuses on Functional Safety in Automotive.
  • Siemens Telemetry Framework Introduction
  • Advancing Openness with REST APIs
  • Document Editor Enhancements
    • Title-only Work Item Presentation
    • HTML Snippet Injector

Polarion: Polarion ALM 2304 ist verfügbar

Das neue Polarion ALM 2304 ist verfügbar und steht zum Update/Download bereit. Eine Zusammenfassung der neuen Highlights gibt es hier – Polarion Blog

Neuerungen sind:

  • Manage Variants by Teamcenter Product Configurator
  • Integrate Polarion with Simulink Test
  • Author Test Steps in Excel and import them in Polarion
  • Expanding on Polarion REST APIs Coverage
    • Query for large data sets in REST API with paginated results
    • New REST End Points for Live Documents
    • ​​New REST End Points for Enumerations
    • Additional Improvements for REST API
  • Enhanced Polarion Connectors
    • Jira Connector Authentication with Personal Access Token
    • Importing Multiple xUnit Files by Jenkins Connector
    • Change Work Item type in ReqIF Exchange
    • Support easy and secure authentication with Single Sign-on for OSLC federation
  • Enhanced In-Line Editing of Work Items in Table
    • Workflow Support in Table In-Line Edit
    • Additional Fields Support in Table In-Line Edit
    • Additional Improvements for Inline Editing in Tables
  • Enhanced Navigation Header
  • Context-aware Quick Create Dialog
  • Produce Better-Looking Diagrams from Polarion
  • Support for inserting SVG images
  • Export Better-Looking PDF Documents from Polarion
  • Usability Improvements for Creating Traceability Links
    • Link Existing Work Items Across Projects in Bulk
    • Unrestricted Editing of Backlinks
    • Limited number of visible links
  • Additional Usability Enhancements
    • Quickly Review Changes in Plan History
    • Watch Pages and Get Notifications When They Change
    • Construct Queries Using Hidden Enumeration Values via Search Bubbles
    • Quickly Filter Jobs in Specific State
    • Table Edit Improvements
  • Security Improvements
  • Performance and Scalability
    • New Deployment and Maintenance Guide
    • Faster Search of recent history
    • Improved Scalability by Number of Projects
    • Pushing Polarion Scalability Limits
    • Improved Performance
    • Faster Reindex
    • Logs Parser

Polarion: Polarion ALM 22 R2 ist verfügbar

Das neue Polarion ALM 22 R2 ist verfügbar und steht zum Update/Download bereit. Eine Zusammenfassung der neuen Highlights gibt es hier – Polarion Blog

Neuerungen sind unter anderem:

  • REST API – Brand-new high-throughput and easy-to-use REST API allows seamless integration of Polarion with external tools.
  • Navigation header – New navigation header helps you differentiate projects easily, know where you are, and create new artifacts quickly.
  • In-line editing in tables – Efficiently update multiple Work Items in table views.
  • Updated diagram editor – Use new shape libraries, create custom elements and import Visio diagrams into Polarion diagramming.

Polarion: Polarion ALM 22 R1 ist verfügbar

Das neue Polarion ALM 21 R2 ist verfügbar und steht zum Update/Download bereit. Eine Zusammenfassung der neuen Highlights gibt es hier – Polarion Blog

Neuerungen sind unter anderem:

  • Commit Traceability – New scalable architecture of source code change traceability allows you to link changes from thousands of branches to Polarion Work Items with minimal network utilization.
  • Simulink Connector – A brand new Simulink connector provides a superb user experience with the embedded Polarion UI within the Simulink and an advanced feature set.
  • Productivity Improvements – Easy on the user with type-specific custom fields for Live Documents, or retaining the Work Item selection when switching the Live Document filter.

covalgo: Rezertifizierung nach ISO 9001:2015

covalgo hat am 28. Jänner 2022 die Rezertifizierung seines Qualitätsmanagementsystems erreicht. Mit dem Zertifikat wollen wir zeigen, dass wir uns an die Regeln eines geordneten und gesteuerten Geschäftsablaufs halten und erhalten von unserem Auditor jedes Jahr Feedback und Hinweise zu Verbesserungen, die wir nicht nur in unsere Abläufe, sondern auch in unser Beratungsgeschäft einfließen lassen.

Polarion: Not affected by Log4j („Log4Shell“)

On 2021-12-09, a vulnerability in Apache Log4j (a logging tool used in many Java-based applications)
was disclosed, that could allow remote unauthenticated attackers to execute code on vulnerable systems.
The vulnerability is tracked by Siemens as CVE-2021-44228 and is also known as “Log4Shell”.

On 2021-12-14 an additional denial of service vulnerability (CVE-2021-45046) was published rendering
the initial mitigations and fix in version 2.15.0 as incomplete under certain non-default configurations.
Log4j versions 2.16.0 and 2.12.2 are supposed to fix both vulnerabilities.

On 2021-12-17, CVE-2021-45046 was reclassified with an increased CVSS base score (from 3.7 to 9.0).
The potential impact of CVE-2021-45046 now includes – besides denial of service – also information
disclosure and local (and potential remote) code execution.

Siemens is currently investigating to determine which products are affected and is continuously updating
this advisory as more information becomes available.

Polarion is not affected!

Find more details:

Tutorial: Qualitätsmanagement – Rolle Qualitätsmanager

Nach einer Woche Pause über den Nationalfeiertag haben wir wieder ein neues Tutorial veröffentlicht.

Die Rolle des Qualitätsmanagements kann unterschiedlich angelegt werden. Einerseits als Kontrolle, andererseits als Coaching ist es eine Querschnittsaufgabe, die hohe Anforderungen an die Hard und die Soft Skills der durchführenden Personen stellt. Und dass es eine Mangementaufgabe ist, steckt schon im Namen.

Besuchen Sie unser Tutorial auf unserem Youtube Channel Business Analyse & Co.