Polarion: Polarion ALM 2310 ist verfügbar

Das neue Polarion ALM 2310 ist verfügbar und steht zum Update/Download bereit. Eine Zusammenfassung der neuen Highlights gibt es hier – Polarion Blog von Siemens

Neuerungen sind:

  • Hierarchical Space Permissions
    • Elevate your control over Space access and handpick teams that can view and edit their content.
  • Bulk Branching
    • Branch multiple documents in one swift action, streamlining your reuse workflow with precision and convenience.
  • Collaboration on Pages
    • Engage in dynamic feedback on Pages through comments and stay in the loop as a Watcher when Pages evolve.
  • Interactive Diagrams
    • Seamlessly link diagram elements to Polarion objects and navigate to them from diagrams.
  • Streamlined Variant Management for 100% Specifications
  • Optimized Test Step Configuration
  • Streamlined Data Access with PostgreSQL
  • Enhanced Authentication Flexibility
  • Cloud Solution Enhancements for Polarion X
  • Tailored Solutions for Industry Challenges
    • Aligns with the newly released ISO-21434 standard, which emphasizes Cybersecurity in Automotive,
    • and ISO-26262, which focuses on Functional Safety in Automotive.
  • Siemens Telemetry Framework Introduction
  • Advancing Openness with REST APIs
  • Document Editor Enhancements
    • Title-only Work Item Presentation
    • HTML Snippet Injector